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drifting along with the radio on - i've got my eyes on you....... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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drifting along with the radio on [Feb. 11th, 2007|01:21 pm]
[now playing |of montreal]

blew my mind. had a wonderful time. they played all my favorites, and i surprised myself by how many songs i knew all the words to. the guitarist on stage right (john hill) was a riot to watch, as was bill doss and john ferguson, - he came out in a flaming lips style silver martian cape with the big stand up collar and matching jacket. robert schneider is the least likely frontman....ever. short, chubby, balding, hipster glasses, and the nicest guy you could imagine. i remember thinking before hand: "man, i hope i'm not disappointed, i can't stand the fall of two of my top-ranking bands in the same week (that's an entirely different story about the anton newcombe show from last weekend... ugh)" -- instead i came home feeling awesome and buzzed like whoa.

and then there's this:

someone who saw me scribbling down the setlist on caribou coffee napkins grabbed this for me, and the guy wearing the silver martian cape and light up glasses got everyone to sign it for me. i was like "man, i hate to be THAT girl, but will you sign this for me?" works every time. pigtails don't hurt, either.

highlights include the long, super-psychedelic version of "strawberryfire" (the first song i ever heard by them!) and ending the set with "ruby".... "go" was fantastic, and to be honest, i was seriously surprised how perfectly they pulled off EVERY SINGLE LINE of harmony. i was fucking impressed. IMPRESSED.

easily in my top 10 concerts of all time. i had a blast, was dead tired but totally wired by the end of the night. i haven't gotten a glee buzz like that since flaming lips last summer.

oh yeah! how the hell are you? ihaven't been here in awhile but i thought this was worthy.