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i'm in! [Jan. 25th, 2006|10:23 pm]
whoooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooo

i made the study!

which not only means i'm in really good health, but i'm going to be very rich by the end of the summer, and probably in school. or in europe.

and it could be as early as february 13th! wow.
i'm going to probably be starting a seperate and more public blog for the nasa thing. and of course, i'll still post here too.

doot doot

-does ae little spinny dance-

[User Picture]From: aspasia93
2006-01-26 04:04 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: catchstars
2006-01-26 05:38 pm (UTC)

That sounds like a really interesting experience.
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