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i've got my eyes on you.......

..........and if you tell me the truth

29 November 1984
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i'm in a band that i love, but keeps exploding at random. and without warning. corporate whore for hire, but i sure as fuck won't dress like you. nor will i ever be on time for anything.
acetone, all night restaurants, american splendor, animal collective, anime, anything japanese, apples in stereo, azure ray, bauhaus, beachland ballroom, beachland tavern, beck, belle and sebastian, beta band, bike messengers, bikes, bill hicks, black mountain, black rebel motorcycle club, body modification, bomp records, charles bukowski, cherry blossoms, chinese food, chuck palahniuk, cleveland, corsetry, corsets, crochet, david bowie, daydreaming, dead meadow, death cab for cutie, devendra banhart, driving, duckies, elliot smith, elliott smith, ever-changing lineups, expecting rain, fashion, good records, graphic design, green tea, grog shop, growing, iggy and the stooges, iron and wine, jack kerouac, joanna newsom, joy division, jumping around on stage, kahlil gibran, kissing, knitting, kurt vonnegut, leia alligator puppet shows, liars, love, mates of state, music saves, my bloody valentine, neutral milk hotel, nick drake, old fashioned rock'n'roll, pierogies, pink floyd, pink mountaintops, posters, psychedelia, psychedelic pop, psychedelic posters, radiohead, roadtrips, rock n roll, roy lichtenstein, sex, singing loudly, smashing pumpkins, space needle, spacemen 3, spectrum, spiritualized, stanley kubrick, sushi, tattooed girls, tattoos, tetris, the beatles, the black angels, the cure, the decemberists, the dreadful yawns, the flaming lips, the microphones, the new lou reeds, the ocean, the polyphonic spree, the postal service, the shins, the smiths, the volta sound, the white stripes, thrift stores, trainspotting, velvet underground, volkswagen rabbits, volkswagens, wilco, yarn, yo la tengo