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drifting along with the radio on [Feb. 11th, 2007|01:21 pm]
[now playing |of montreal]

blew my mind. had a wonderful time. they played all my favorites, and i surprised myself by how many songs i knew all the words to. the guitarist on stage right (john hill) was a riot to watch, as was bill doss and john ferguson, - he came out in a flaming lips style silver martian cape with the big stand up collar and matching jacket. robert schneider is the least likely frontman....ever. short, chubby, balding, hipster glasses, and the nicest guy you could imagine. i remember thinking before hand: "man, i hope i'm not disappointed, i can't stand the fall of two of my top-ranking bands in the same week (that's an entirely different story about the anton newcombe show from last weekend... ugh)" -- instead i came home feeling awesome and buzzed like whoa.

and then there's this:

someone who saw me scribbling down the setlist on caribou coffee napkins grabbed this for me, and the guy wearing the silver martian cape and light up glasses got everyone to sign it for me. i was like "man, i hate to be THAT girl, but will you sign this for me?" works every time. pigtails don't hurt, either.

highlights include the long, super-psychedelic version of "strawberryfire" (the first song i ever heard by them!) and ending the set with "ruby".... "go" was fantastic, and to be honest, i was seriously surprised how perfectly they pulled off EVERY SINGLE LINE of harmony. i was fucking impressed. IMPRESSED.

easily in my top 10 concerts of all time. i had a blast, was dead tired but totally wired by the end of the night. i haven't gotten a glee buzz like that since flaming lips last summer.

oh yeah! how the hell are you? ihaven't been here in awhile but i thought this was worthy.
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silly survey [Mar. 4th, 2006|09:45 am]
1. name:
2. birthday:
3. place of residence:
4. what makes you happy:
5. what are you listening to now/have listened to last:
6. do you read my lj:
7. if you do, what is particularly good/bad about it:
8. an interesting fact about you:
9. celebrity you want to snog:
10. favorite place to be:
11. favorite lyric/line from film:
12. best time of the year:
13. best album of 2005:
14. where would you take me/where would you like me to take you on a date:

1. a film:
2. a book:
3. a band, a song and an album:

1. one thing you like about me:
2. two things you like about yourself:
3. put this in your lj so i can tell you what i think of you
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pictures [Mar. 1st, 2006|07:27 pm]
[now playing |the arcade fire - neighborhood #3 (powers out)]

boatloads of new pics over at my nasa blog. sorry, i've been kind of neglecting livejournal, mainly because picasa lets me post directly to blogger. and blogger has a lot of features i dig.
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stircrazy vertigo [Feb. 25th, 2006|09:33 pm]
[now playing |of montreal]

going stir crazy, a little bit. weekends are really hard, i don't have anything to break up the day really. mealtime, that's it. having things to do is easy, keeping myself focused is another.

i think my brain "got it" today. hence the ugly ugly vertigo that wouldn't leave me alone.
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bedrest visiting [Feb. 21st, 2006|10:26 pm]
visiting hours and rules are as follows:
* 12-8 every day (this is vaguely flexible)
* 2 people at a time, though if more than two people show up independently (unplanned), they aren't going to send someone home
* you can bring me things, but all packages will be inspected by the nurses to make sure there isn't any forbidden food. which leads me to my next point:
* you can't bring any food or drink into my room. at all. i'm on a very strict diet, they have to keep track of everything i eat. they don't think it would be fair to me to bring in chocolate or mcdonalds or whatever else.
* my room is under video surveillance 24/7, to make sure of my compliance with this study. you know, to make sure i'm not getting up, dancing a jig, and getting back into bed again. protocol deviation!
* you personally will not be subjected to any weird tests while you are there. but, you may witness me being subjected to weird tests on any given day. (tuesdays in particular, it seems)
* i'm kicking everyone out for bathroom time (which is embarrassing enough as it is. jeez.)
* as well as full body massage time. (monday wednesday friday, times vary with the masseuse's schedule.)
* you are welcome to accompany me to my lab suspension sessions, which are every weekday from 130-3. but you'll have to be in my room before patient transport gets here, because these guys are not only quick, they are punctual: one minute i'm here, the next minute i'm gone.

the most important rule:

IF YOU (or your significant other/kids) HAVE A COLD, PLEASE DO NOT COME VISIT. getting a cold on the outside is bad enough, but in the head down tilt (HDT) position, it will be awful. i have been warned extensively on this, and i'm already having enough problems with my sinus congestion.

and, as always, please wash your hands. :-)

i think i've got everything. whew
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oh lazy, you drive me crazy [Feb. 18th, 2006|12:06 pm]
sorry, lazy bones on the updating. but i've been super busy and freaking out.

updates go here:

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i'm in! [Jan. 25th, 2006|10:23 pm]
whoooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooo

i made the study!

which not only means i'm in really good health, but i'm going to be very rich by the end of the summer, and probably in school. or in europe.

and it could be as early as february 13th! wow.
i'm going to probably be starting a seperate and more public blog for the nasa thing. and of course, i'll still post here too.

doot doot

-does ae little spinny dance-
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but he's preaching to the choir, and the choir's really annoyed [Jan. 10th, 2006|04:58 pm]
[now playing |black angels - empire lonely (live)]

just talked to the nasa study coordinator again.....and it's going to get really busy.

this friday: modified air force class 3 physical (whatever that means) and the bruce treadmill stress test (half day)
next monday: probably go in sometime in the afternoon and get the full psych evaluation from the study psychologist (this is a day off, so whenever)
they have to schedule a DXA(dual xray absorptiometry) scan sometime next week (around 7 am!!! EW!) and i have an MRI scheduled tentatively for 7AM on feb 2 (so i would have to have my IUD out by then... yep, 200 dollars out the window, but oh well)

they're trying to work around my schedule, but shit, i'd love to do this stuff at night. 7am!? i can barely leave for work on time as it is!

today went well. i wasn't able to meet with the dietician like originally planned, and the 567 question on the "fill in the bubble with a number two pencil" answer sheet (-tears hair out!- ugh i never wanted to see another one of those again!) went (thankfully) faster than planned. i was done by 2ish, hung out with mike at his work for awhile and came home for some vegging out.

i'll be able to install my graphics programs on the laptop provided to me during the study, so i'll definitely be working a lot on new posters / graphics while i'm "in bed"

and i'm going to knit/crochet a blanket for project linus

so i have a couple goals

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say something new... [Jan. 6th, 2006|06:53 pm]
[now playing |the concretes]

so. yours truly is getting involved with NASA.

in a roundabout, research oriented sort of way.

but i'm trying to get involved in the bed rest study being held at the cleveland clinic.

12 weeks of NEVER GETTING OUT OF BED. and they tilt your bed at -6 degrees. which means your head is lower than the rest of your body for 12 weeks. it simulates the fluid shift that your body undergoes (which way is up?) when astronauts are in space.

they suspend you in midair, and half the group exercises on a treadmill MOUNTED ON THE WALL. weird.

but yeah. i go in tuesday to start the preliminary screenings, tests, whatnot.


this weekend: i'm drinking lots of water and crossing my fingers.

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1, 2, 3, 4, animals kill but they don't go to war [Jan. 2nd, 2006|09:16 pm]
[now playing |volta sound -1, 2, 3, 4]


christmas: sucked.

new years: rocked.

two weeks from now: get your face rocked off.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

start with ben and an acoustic guitar. play... whatever he feels like..

add leia on flute, mike a. on bass, and henry on who knows what. play henry's songs.

add mike c. on guitar, todd on organ, jay on random instruments, marceau on percussion, and yours truly, also on percussion. play psychedelic as fuck volta sound songs.

shake up and get down.
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